Be the Change…

Times always feel a little more uncomfortable when election season comes up but with the elections these days and the events and issues that are being argued in our current society it feels not even a little uncomfortable but terrifying. I’ve recently been back on Facebook because of a professional development course I’ve been taking that includes a giant Facebook group for support or help. I was quickly reminded why I got rid of this stupid social media account in the first place. All it consists of is political debates and arguments that create hurt amongst family, lifelong friends and co-workers and others you don’t even truly know. As I’ve scrolled through my feed many times a day (old habits return) inside I started to get irritated and upset at the posts and comments of the people I know. It made me want to retaliate with my own comments but thankfully I reminded myself that it doesn’t get me anywhere and that I was just doing it out of anger and not out of love or wisdom.

These are our political parties today. Fighting to see who’s better than who and who can point fingers at each other first. It’s funny, I’m a third-grade teacher and my students learned the other week that this has actually been happening ever since political parties were formed between the democratic-republicans and the federalists and how John Adams thought they were both ridiculous. My students didn’t think much of it and I probably took more of it to heart than they did.

What I’m trying to get at is that political parties and who you stand for have really torn apart many of our friendships and relationships. I’m literally scared to post anything related to a political issue or who I affiliate with on Facebook due to having a horrible backlash of posts coming right back at me and judging my character. It feels so confusing these days when your friends or family who support one group get so fired up about specific issues that they try to act like their political party doesn’t do the same thing right back.

And through all of this I’ve just felt like Jesus telling me “be the change..” but I’ve wrestled with those few words in so many areas of my life. I’ve asked myself what does that even mean? What does that even look like? How am I supposed to change?

Yes, your vote can bring change but in reality, it’s your heart that has to change. What many of us want is a change in scenery in the government or in our own lives. We want to experience something different but we don’t want the inner change. I know that’s been me. I don’t want to have to put in the work to make the change but I can easily be the change if it’s something simple. I truly believe that the only person who can change your heart is Jesus. When Jesus does this he slowly refines your heart but those impurities somehow always seem to boil up from time to time due to our fallen nature and world. I have to constantly convince myself that Jesus is working in me and resolving the conflict in my heart. This is so hard to do and I fail many times causing myself to really wrestle with doubt and fall into a season of life I find myself frequently returning to.

The quote below really speaks a lot.

But when we root ourselves in the God who never changes, we find our ultimate confidence and hope, no matter the circumstance.

-Matt Chandler

By rooting ourselves in the one who never changes we can truly know that no matter what we face in this life and no matter which way the pendulum swings in the government, God is always sovereign and He loves DEEPLY  those who take the seats of the Senate and who take the seats of the House and yes…even the one who takes the seat of the Oval Office. So if you’re at the end of reading this and you’re wondering what’s my point, my point is if you want to be the change then start with the change from your heart and really take a step back to listen to both sides of the story. We’re easily persuaded because of what we hear from others but we have to listen to ourselves and have to have our own opinions and not be afraid of the judgment others will bring upon us. If we can do this, then we can find a great hope in knowing that we’re rooting ourselves in the God who never changes, where we can find ultimate confidence, hope, and love.


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